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Dr. Negar Zareh

Dr. Negar Zareh

Dr. Negar Zareh has been practicing dentistry since 2001. She is a local to Southern California, and completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry/Psychology at UC Riverside and holds a Doctorates degree of Dentistry from the University of Southern California.

“I truly love the practice of Dentistry as it is the perfect combination of science and art. I enjoy my daily interaction with my patients, as I would consider myself a “people’s person”. I come from a family of dentists as both my siblings are also practicing dentists in southern California and I am also married to a Dentist. I have three beautiful children, which gives me the gift of being a working mother. I have been practicing Dentistry in my current location with the same staff for 15 years now.”

“I truly consider my practice as my home away from home and my staff and patients as my extended family. I want to personally thank you for your interest in our practice and my doors always open to meeting you and assisting you with your dental needs. Remember to always SMILE and indulge in LAUGHTER…. As Laughter is music to the soul.”